Bug-A-Salt: The Base Camp Bug Gun You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you ever had a camping trip completely ruined by a bug infestation? Do you wake up screaming from nightmares about biting flies? Are you a vengeful person?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of these questions, boy, do I have a product for you.

For years, I wished there was a way to make weaponized bug killing more fun and satisfying. I needed a fun and interactive method to murder more disease-carrying insects and get them the hell away from my hot dogs. I had nearly lost all hope when I discovered artist Lorenzo Maggiore and his company, Skell INC.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 review

Become permanently terrified of your girlfriend by gifting her the Bug-A-Salt for her next birthday! #CrazyEyes

Bug-A-Salt?? What the Hell Are You Talking About? 

I’m talking about the Bug-A-Salt Insect Eradication GunIt’s a non-toxic, air-powered, must-have ‘assault weapon’ for campers who absolutely hate bugs (AKA all of us) and get a sort of sadistic pleasure from ending their lives. It’s easy to use, requires no batteries, and comes in 4 different colors.

Here it is in action:

How Does It Work?

How the Bug-A-Salt works

As we all know, bugs — and especially flies — are the worst thing ever to plague the outdoors. It’s a well understood fact that biting flies were sent from hell to serve no practical purpose and get fecal matter all over our food.

That’s disgusting. Think of the children.  

To use the Bug-A-Salt gun, all you need is a scoop of ordinary table salt and you’re ready for action. Simply lift the cap located on the top of the gun, pour in salt, cock it, remove the safety, and fire.

Loaded Bug-A-Salt gun

Our Review

Using the Bug-A-Salt gun

While I’ve been using the Bug-A-Salt gun for nearly two years, I had never before labeled it as a necessary piece of camping gear. Truly, however, that’s what it has become.

We put it to the test at the Molas Pass Campground near Silverton, Colorado to answer all your pressing questions.

What Bugs Does It Kill?

The Bug-A-Salt shines as a fly extermination device, but it’s also capable of killing pretty much any other pest of similar size.

This includes spiders, garden slugs and mosquitoes. But don’t be a douchebag — dragonflies, bees, grasshoppers, and butterflies are considered good bugs in our eyes. Don’t use your powers for evil. Focus on the bad guys.

What Is Its Range?

“I will destroy your entire family,” I declared as I cocked the weapon and shifted into full Rambo mode.

While this gun is more like a single-action rifle than fully automatic machine gun, if you cock it a lot of times really fast, you can pretty much get the same number of confirmed kills as your favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger character.

We tested the Bug-A-Salt at various ranges and found that it works best from 9 to 12 inches away. The salt fires as a spray, so if you shoot too close to your target it will only send a ring of salt around them. The salt will travel as far as 5-6 feet, depending on the wind, but accuracy falls dramatically after 3 feet.

Do the Sights Really Work?

YES! The coolest thing about this a-salt rifle is that it works well as an assault rifle. The sights aim true and guarantee pin-point accuracy.

Hold it like a real gun and become the most feared, power-hungry bug murderer in the entire campground!

Warnings, Tips, & Extra Precautions

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 specs

Carry Extra Ammunition

Did you know that the common housefly defecates every 4-5 minutes? That’s disgusting! Get the hell away from my PB&J tacos.

Because you’re murdering bugs with table salt, ammunition is pretty cheap. But if you forget to pack more, you’re gonna have a bad time. In moments of emergency, you can throw other spices in the ammunition chamber but nothing is more effective than dense and durable salt.

A full chamber of salt will give you around 80 shots.

Use It Inside Too!

Because the ammunition is non-toxic table salt, you could safely use your Bug-A-Salt indoors too! I certainly have. However, if you live with other people (like your mom or a significant other), they may hate you for doing this.

Use good judgment and don’t blame us if you get in trouble.

Do Not Get It Wet

As you may know if you’ve ever tried to cook something other than ice water, wet salt will stay wet.

Don’t leave your Bug-A-Salt out in the rain or your gun will clog and possibly ruin. We’ve made this mistake once but were fortunate enough that it dried in a few hours.

However, our defenses were down and the enemies knew it. This is war, son. Use your head.

You’re Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

Dude, this thing is like an actual weapon. I once shot a fly off my foot and it freakin’ hurt. Don’t follow my lead — I’m dumb and was blinded by the mission.

Don’t shoot your friends. Don’t shoot small critters or birds. And for the love of God, don’t shoot bees. Bees remember everything and there will be a “WANTED” poster of your face in their hive for the rest of your life.

We’re here to eradicate our enemies, not make more.

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