Climbers to Play Concert on the Diamond

Update 7/25: Yosemite has been evacuated due to the Ferguson Fire so the climbers have moved their project to the Diamond of Longs Peak. Follow the project’s Facebook page for the latest updates.

Two climbers, Willis Kuelthau and Colin Doyle, will play a concert on a ledge near the top of the Diamond during their ascent later this week. They call their endeavor the High Art Project.

Originally the climbers had intended to perform over the course of three nights during an ascent of El Capitan. However, Yosemite was evacuated because of the Ferguson Fire so the climbers relocated their project to Colorado.

According to the project’s Facebook page:

“With the closure of Yosemite, our project is officially moving. To a special wall for us – the Diamond of Longs Peak…We’ll be performing one longer concert on a ledge near the top of the wall. A live stream will depend on cell service, but if we can’t stream, we’ll have the video up [on our Facebook page] as soon as we’re down safely.”

Kuelthau is a musician and Doyle is a professional opera singer. The music will range from opera to R&B.