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Here’s a simple list of ways to store camping chairs that keeps them clean and protects them from the elements.

Don’t overthink this! Storing camp chairs isn’t rocket science. My advice is to just pick one of these ways and be done with it.

1. Use a Camping Chair Wall Storage Rack

Camping Chair Wall Storage Rack
This rack is a simple and space-saving way to store multiple camping chairs on a wall in your shed or garage
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02/17/2024 10:12 pm GMT

Storing your camping chairs on the wall using this wall storage rack will save floor space and keep them easily accessible. My advice: hang it up in your garage or shed. This one can hold up to 4 large camping chairs, and looks to be quite easy to install.

2. Store Camping Chairs in Storage Bins

This is personally how I store my camping chairs — I just throw them in my camping gear box!

I recommend labeling your storage bins or keeping a simple spreadsheet to help you know what’s in them. Trust me — from years of running an outdoor gear blog I’ve accumulated SO. MUCH. GEAR. My spreadsheet that tells me which gear is in which storage bin has been a lifesaver.

3. Put Them in an Outdoor Storage Container


A small outdoor storage container like this is great for storing little-used outdoor gear like camping chairs.

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02/17/2024 09:55 pm GMT

Invest in an outdoor storage container specifically designed for camping gear, such as this small “deck box.” One of these containers can keep your camping chairs (mostly) protected from the elements. Don’t forget to get a good padlock for extra security!

4. Keep Camp Chairs in Your Garage

Utilize a spare corner, hanger, or storage shelf in your garage to store your camping chairs. No fancy storage bin needed, just leave it there until you need it!

If you want to protect it a bit, you can cover it with a tarp or other protective cover.

5. Hang Lightweight Camping & Backpacking Chairs on the Wall with Command Hooks

Command Hooks
$9.99 $7.66

Command Hooks are great for hanging camping chairs from walls that you don't want to screw or hammer anything into.

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Add one more thing to the endless list of Command Hook uses — hanging camping chairs. Command Hooks are a good option if you don’t want to damage your wall.

Pay attention to the maximum weight of the size you decide to go with. Some options can hold a max of 5 pounds which is adequate for small, lightweight camping and backpacking chairs (like the green REI Flexlite Chair in my pictures), but probably not burly enough for larger camping and tailgating chairs.

6. Slide Camping Chairs Under Your Bed

If you’re tight on storage space (like I am living in a 700-square-foot house), you can just slide your camping chairs under your bed.

7. Compress Them in a Vacuum Storage Bag

20 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags
$29.99 $24.99

Vacuum storage bags can help to reduce the bulk of your camping chairs, as well as other camping gear like blankets and sleeping bags.

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Vacuum storage bags are a great way to store camping chairs when you’re short on space. These bags will compress the chairs to a fraction of their original size, allowing you to store them in a much smaller space.

Plus, you can throw in other bulky pieces of camping gear like blankets. You might be tempted to also throw in things like jackets and sleeping bags, but vacuum storing sleeping bags and jackets will compress their insulation and reduce there ability to retain warmth. For that reason, I’d avoid it for those pieces of gear.

8. Put Them in Your Backyard Storage Shed

Your backyard shed is a perfect place to keep camping chairs when they’re not needed. Heck, putting them there might even cause you to use them more if they’re closer to your backyard campfire. The shed will protect them from the elements, and putting them there will keep them from cluttering up your house or garage.

When I went to my shed, I even found a little screw to even hang my chair from. Talk about nifty.

9. Put Them in a Storage Closet

I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing your camping chairs in a linen closet! This will keep them out of the way and protected from dust and other debris. And this means they’re indoors, which will protect them more from humidity.

10. Toss Them in Your Trunk

Lastly, why not throw your camping chair(s) in your car trunk? That way you always have them when you go to the park, to a tailgate, or on an impromptu camping trip!

5 Tips for Storing Camping Chairs

  1. Clean your camping chairs before putting them in long-term storage.
  2. Make sure your chairs are completely dry before storing them.
  3. If using a bin, label it! Like I said, if you want to get really nerdy, you can use a spreadsheet to keep track of what’s in which box. That’s what I do to manage all the gear I buy and test for this blog.
  4. When possible, store them in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area.
  5. If you’re storing your camp chairs in a storage bin, you can buy silica gel packets to absorb moisture.

How to Clean Camping Chairs Before Putting Them in Storage

A vacuum cleaner’s suction wand is a quick and easy way to clean a camping chair before putting it into storage.

When storing camping chairs long-term, one important step that many people overlook is cleaning the chairs before putting them away. Not only will this help to keep your chairs in good condition, but it will also make sure that they’re clean and ready to use the next time you go camping. And who doesn’t like a clean chair to rest their bum at camp!

Personally, I like to start by giving my camping chairs a good once-over with a vacuum cleaner to remove any loose dirt or debris. Then, if I’m feeling up for it, I mix up a mild solution of dish soap and water and use a damp cloth to wipe down all surfaces of the chairs, including the seats, arms, and legs. For tougher stains or dirt, I use an old toothbrush (that I just keep in my camping gear bin) to scrub gently in order to get into all the nooks and crannies.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to any metal parts of the chairs, such as the frame or any hinges. These areas can often get rusty or dirty, so I like to use a toothbrush to clean them and then dry them thoroughly to prevent rust.

Once I finish cleaning, I let the chairs air dry completely before storing them away. Just keep them assembled in your living room or garage for a few hours and that should do the trick. This is especially important if you’re storing the chairs in a damp or humid area, as moisture can cause mildew or mold to form.

It can be a little tedious, but cleaning camping chairs before storing them helps them last longer. It also helps the metal parts from getting all rusted and gummed up. It may take a bit of extra time and effort, but it’s well worth it when you’re ready to use them on your next camping trip.

Camping Chair Storage FAQ

How do you store folding camp chairs in the garage?

Storing folding camp chairs in the garage is easy! I give my chairs a quick clean and then store them in a labeled bin or on a spare storage shelf. I keep them in a dry and well ventilated area of the garage to ensure they stay in good condition for my next camping trip.

How do you hang camping chairs on a wall?

You can hang camping chairs on a wall using Command Hooks or wall hangers designed specifically for that purpose.