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Last Updated: June 19, 2017

We will periodically update this page as new openings come up. Check back from time to time to see new postings. Or, if you’d like to work for the site doing something other than what we have openings for, send us a message with your idea!

Climbing Freelance Writer — Currently Accepting Applications!

New freelance job opening!! We’re looking for a climbing freelance writer to do two main tasks:

  • Test FREE climbing gear and write articles and reviews about it
  • Write articles on a myriad of climbing topics (e.g. training, climbing basics)

HEADS UP! This is not a freelance writing gig where you spend 30 minutes Googling your topic to write a blah article that you wouldn’t even read yourself. We focus on quality before quantity. We compensate appropriately, but this is a warning — PLEASE do not apply if you’re not interested in putting forth the effort to write articles and resources that are actually incredibly helpful.


  • Field test climbing gear and write article(s) and reviews about your test results
  • Come up with ideas on specific ways to test the climbing gear so that you can, as objectively as possible, make quality recommendations on which climbing gear is worth your readers’ money and which isn’t
  • Write articles on other climbing topics based on research and other hands-on experience
  • Take your own photos to include in your articles (don’t have to be anything fancy)
  • Conduct secondary internet research to supplement your hands-on experiences


What might some of your published articles look like? Here are some examples:


  • Free gear, duh
  • Build your portfolio with published articles you can be proud of (one of our writers included one of her 99Boulders articles in her portfolio and successfully pitched Backpacker magazine!)
  • Money!
  • Assuming you continue doing good work, ongoing and consistent assignments (we have an indefinite need for good writers!)
  • Work remotely on your own time
  • Get a link to your personal site in your author bio
  • Chance to pitch the editor your own article ideas


  • Fluent in English
  • US resident
  • 3+ years climbing experience
  • Proficiency in basic IT skills (e.g. Google Docs, email)

Preferred but not necessary:

  • Professional or exceptional experience in climbing or the outdoor industry (e.g. climbing guide, climbing gym employee, routesetter, V9 climber, dirtbagged for a year, etc.)
  • Freelance writing experience

After the paid trial, if we decide to bring you on as a freelance writer, we will ask you to sign a contract and fill out a W-9.


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