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So you’ve got a lot of climbing gear, eh?

If you’re currently employing the just leave it in the corner of the room method, here are 18 climbing gear storage ideas to help you get organized at home and in your car.

1) Pegboards Are a Classic Gear Storage Method

Pegboards appear to be the most popular method for organizing climbing gear at the moment. And isn’t it easy to see why? Pegboard accessories such as hooks and baskets make it incredibly simple to store your gear in an organized fashion.


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Pegboards
  • Pegboard hooks
  • Pegboard baskets

2) Storage Bins Make It Easy to Keep Your Gear All in One Place

Storage bins are like the slow cookers of gear storage methods — just dump in your gear and you’re done. Label your storage bins to make it even easier to keep things organized. (Also, as this photo shows, your laundry room can double as a gear room.)


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Storage bins
  • Pegboards
  • Pegboard hooks
  • Wall hooks
  • DIY wooden shelves and beams

3) Wall Hooks Can to Turn Your Climbing Gear into Wall Decorations

Don’t have an entire room to dedicate to storing gear? Individual wall hooks can go a long way in organizing your gear on a bare wall. And this way your gear can double as wall decorations. Now you don’t have to buy another poster.

Tip: If you don’t want to make holes in your walls, use Command Hooks.


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Wall hooks

4) Floating Cube Shelves & Wall-Mounted Coat Racks Also Work on Bare Walls

Not everything has to be hung on the wall, though. Like these folks, don’t be afraid to keep some things stored on the floor beneath your gear rack.


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Floating cube shelves
  • Wall-mounted coat racks

5) Gridwalls Have Lots of Useful Accessories That Make Organization a Cinch

Pegboards too mainstream for ya? Then hop on the gridwall train.

Materials used (our guess):

  • Gridwall
  • Gridwall hooks
  • Gridwall baskets
  • Gridwall shelves

6) Slatwall Panels Make for Yet Another Convenient Way to Store Your Gear on a Wall


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Slatwall panels
  • Slatwall hooks
  • Slatwall hangers

7) Repurposed Wood Pallets Make Simple DIY Gear Racks

This is a cool idea for those interested in making a DIY gear rack. This article from 1001Pallets talks about where to get wood pallets for free or for sale in your area.


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Wood pallets
  • Wood screws

8) Daisy Chains Are Useful for Hanging Gear At Home…


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Daisy chain

9) …And in Your Car


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Daisy chain

10) Drying Racks Can Hold More Than Just Clothes

They call them drying “racks” for a reason! Just make sure you don’t overload any one arm since they can break.


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Drying rack

11) Netting Has a Natural Grid Pattern That Makes for Great Hanging


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Netting, possibly baseball backstop netting

12) Gear Drawers Are a Must for Storing Your Gear in Your Car

Many gear drawers appear to be homemade. You can find “cargo drawers” for sale online which are similar, but ridiculously expensive.


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13) Closet Organizers Can Organize Gear Closets, Too


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Materials used:

  • Closet organizer (from IKEA, according to the poster of this photo)

14) Mix & Match Different Storage Methods Based on Your Preferences

Don’t think you have to store all your gear on one pegboard or only in storage bins. Mix and match methods to your heart’s desire.


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Pegboards
  • Pegboard hooks
  • Storage bins
  • DIY wooden shelves

15) Slide Out Cam Racks in Your Sprinter Van, Anyone?

Another DIY project for the dirtbaggers.


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16) DIY Gear Storage Solutions Don’t Have to Be Hard…

The guy who posted this photo said he “had some rope, [‘biners] and hangers kicking around,” and that  “the white rods are just from IKEA.” It doesn’t take much!


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Materials used:

  • Rope
  • Carabiners
  • Bolt hangers
  • White rods from IKEA

17) …Or Expensive for That Matter

At the time of writing, 30 euros is a little over $35. You might even be able to make yours for cheaper.

Materials used:

  • Rope
  • Screws
  • Wooden planks
  • Metal hooks

18) And Finally… Empty Fridges Make Surprisingly Good Gear “Closets”

Because you definitely have an empty fridge lying around your apartment somewhere, right?


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Materials used:

  • Empty fridge

But You Don’t Need Any of That Shit Do You? Because You Just Carry Your Entire Gear Closet Like It Ain’t No Thang

And you even throw in a watermelon while you’re at it.


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Materials used (our guess):

  • Entire body

Huge H/T to Weigh My Rack’s Instagram account for curating most of these gear photos. If you don’t follow them, get on that already!


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