They believed they could fly. They were right.

1. Rainbow Rocket, a One-Move V11/8A Dyno in Fontainebleau

With send videos like this, it’s easy to see why Rainbow Rocket is one of the most famous boulder problems in the world.

Rainbow Rocket

2. This Competition-Winning Dyno

According to a post on reddit, this was the winning dyno from the Squamish Mountain Festival a few years back.

3. This Campus Dyno from Meagan Martin

Meagan Martin is a professional climber, American Ninja Warrior, and all-around super strong badass. She also can apparently fly.

4. This Dyno from Tomoa Narasaki That Is a Top Contender for the Most WTF Dyno of the Year Award


5. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s Pitch 16 Dawn Wall Dynos

Tommy Caldwell ended up climbing below the dyno on their successful attempt, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still dig this footage.

6. This Dyno That Is Followed by Some Bonafide Monkey Swings

As a lanky guy with a 6’5″ wingspan, these are the types of gym problems I dream about.

7. Alex Megos’ Campus Dyno on a Crazy Overhung Bouldering Wall

As if you needed any more proof that Alex Megos has superhuman strength.

8. This Supposed World Record Female Dyno

There are plenty of “world record dyno” videos on YouTube. According to Climbing Business Journal, this 2.375 m dyno by Celine Cuypers in 2015 was “validated by IFSC Delegate Vincent Caussé, IFSC Jury President Jérôme Chapelle and IFSC Judge Lieven Vlassenroot”, so it seems the most legit.

9. This Supposed World Record Male Dyno

Apparently Skyler Weekes set the world record male dyno at 2.85 m way back in 2010? ‘Bout time someone breaks that if you ask me.

10. This Kid’s Surprisingly Long Campus Dyno

I’ll admit, I was not expecting that.

11. Dan Osman’s Free Solo Dyno on His Legendary Speed Solo of Bears Reach (5.7) at Lover’s Leap

If this doesn’t make your hands start sweating, I don’t know what will.

12. This Dyno to the Pull-up Bar

I keed! I keed!

13. This Picturesque Rocklands Dyno

Jonathan Plesser said of this video, “On my last day in the Rocklands I snagged an unexpected send of Hole in One (7C+).”

14. This 1-2-3 Punch Dyno


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15. This Ruthless Challenge to a Dyno Duel

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16. Challenge Accepted

H/T to r/climbing and r/bouldering.


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