Columbia Royce Peak Pant review

The Columbia Royce Peak Pant is an exceptional pair of pants for any outdoor activity. The pants are durable, comfortable, and versatile. I myself have backpacked in them, climbed in them, and worn them out to a bar – sometimes doing the last two activities in the same day!

From my Columbia Royce Peak Pant review, I learned these pants are incredibly easy to maintain. Water actually beads up and falls off them, and any stain I’ve put on them has come off with one wash. I’ve never had to iron them because — though they might get crumpled in the dryer — they don’t get wrinkled.

The pants are not baggy but not overly slim. They fit and look great in a variety of settings. They are warm enough to wear down to 35 degrees, and breathable enough to wear up to 70 degrees. Their comfort and wide range of uses have quickly made them one of my favorite pair of pants.

If you’re looking for a pair of pants which you can wear outdoors and in more casual and even formal settings, then the Columbia Royce Peak Pant is a top option. However, if style isn’t a high priority and you are looking for a top-performing pair of outdoor pants which will work even better for climbing, bouldering, hiking, or any activity, then we recommend the prAna Stretch Zion Pants.

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I reviewed the Columbia Royce Peak Pant after having worn it frequently for seven months. After all that time, my pair of pants shows little signs of wear – the only signs being a few loose threads. The pants are extremely durable. They have not stretched or worn through or gotten marked up at all.

I will often wear the pants two or three times without washing them, and they have never smelled or acquired any permanent stains. Any time I do get something on the pants, it will come off with one wash. The pants can get a little crumpled in the dryer, but they never accrue lasting wrinkles. I’ve never had to iron the pants before because they simply don’t need to be ironed. Lastly, they are made with Columbia’s Omni-Shield™ Technology which is a fancy way of saying they repel liquids. If they ever get wet, the water beads up and drips right off.

The Columbia Royce Peak Pant is the most comfortable pair of pants I own… behind my fleece pajamas. They look great because they are slim fitting, but they also feel great because they are not so slim fitting that they are tight around your legs.

Some online reviewers have complained that they fit too tightly around the thighs, but I have not had this same problem. I myself have pretty thick thighs and the pants aren’t tight for me, even when I sit down. They stretch well in the knees and crotch so sitting in them for long periods of time is also comfortable.

Their stretchiness also lends itself well to climbing or other outdoor activities where you are bending your legs in extreme ways. Some pants can be too tight and restrict movement while climbing, but these feel great to climb in and breathe easily, too.

To be honest, I probably wear these pants too much. They work great in a variety of situations, and are well-designed enough that they don’t look weird to wear in most situations.

Here is a list of the situations in which I have worn the Columbia Royce Peak Pant:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Climbing. These pants are my go-to for climbing. As mentioned, they stretch well and don’t restrict movement. I can still high-step like a champ in these bad boys. Rocks and climbing walls have not marked them up at all.
  • Backpacking and Day Hiking. I wore these pants while backpacking with my dad in the Uinta Mountains of Utah. The trip lasted five days and the pants faired well through the light rains we experienced and the hours of trekking we did. Additionally, I often wear these pants on day hikes and they work great. Sometimes mud gets on them when the trail is wet. I put them in the washer and the mud comes right out.
  • Casual Wear. I occasionally where these pants to work and don’t feel underdressed when I do. I also feel comfortable wearing these pants to hang out with friends or go to a movie. Literally, they are good to wear in almost any situation.
  • Nights Out. Sometimes when I don’t feel like wearing an uncomfortably slim pair of jeans, I’ll wear these to a party or bar. The side pocket is the only thing which might tip people off to the pants not being a pair of dress pants. However, I removed the black string that hangs from the side pocket’s zipper so the pocket is now even more inconspicuous – perfect for more formal wear.
  • Mild Weather. I live in North Carolina and have worn these pants constantly throughout the fall and winter. They are great for mild temperatures.
  • Cold Weather. These pants kept me warm when I climbed outside in them in high 30-degree weather. They are perfect for temperatures between 35 and 60 degrees. Once the temperature drops into the low 30s, though, my legs start to feel the cold and I look for something thicker to wear.

And those use cases are drawn from just my own experiences. Online reviewers have used the Columbia Royce Peak Pant in the following scenarios with similar levels of satisfaction:


The Royce Peak Pant's snap button isn't as secure as it could be The only con I have personally experienced from these pants is the snap button that fastens them. When I sit down too quickly, the button sometimes unsnaps itself. It only takes a second to snap it shut again, but this is a minor annoyance I have experienced too many times.

Other online reviewers have expressed another con: the pants can fit too slim around the thighs. Like I said, I have thick thighs myself and haven’t had this problem. However, if your legs are very thick, then it seems these pants might be tight around your thighs.

Pant Features


  • Omni-Shade™ UPF 50 sun protection
  • Omni-Shield™ advanced repellency
  • Modern Classic Fit
  • Straight leg
  • 2-way comfort stretch
  • Gusset detail
  • Pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Mesh pocket bags
  • Articulated knees


  • 96% nylon
  • 4% elastane Rugged Stretch canvas

Sizing & Fit

My Columba Royce Peak Pant review, coupled with the dozens of reviews I read online, all agree: these pants fit true to size. If you are going to buy these pants online, buy your regular pant size without worry.

I myself am 6’3″ (190.5 cm) tall and weigh 175 lbs (79.4 kgs). My pants are 34 W by 32 L and fit me great.

The pants themselves are what Columbia refers to as a “Modern Classic” size. This fit style is tighter than Relaxed fits, but looser than body skimming fits. Your legs have enough room to feel comfortable, but not so much that it makes the pants look baggy.

Finally, the pants have a patch of material over the kneecaps which stretches when your knees bend. This makes them comfortable for sitting or high-stepping while climbing. It also prevents the bottoms of the pants from rising up and exposing your ankles and shins when you sit down.

Color & Design

This pair of pants come in three colors; Grill (dark grey), Tusk (light brown, almost khaki), and Gravel (grey green). The pair I reviewed is Tusk and that color is the most versatile of the three. The color looks good with all many different types and colors of shirts and accessories. However, the Tusk color is light, so if you prefer darker colors I’d recommend getting either the Grill or Gravel versions.

As you can tell from all the different ways people use the pants, their design works well in a variety of situations. Only when you get close to the pants do you see the threads around the knees and the side pocket. From far away or from your peripheral vision, their design makes them look like a normal pair of casual pants.

Video Review

Final Thoughts

As you can probably guess from this Columbia Royce Peak Pant review, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great pair of pants they can use while climbing or participating in any outdoor activity. They are comfortable, durable, and incredibly versatile.

When I first bought them, I was a little reluctant to spend so much on a pair of pants, but now I’m oh so glad I did. They have become one of my favorite pairs of pants for bouldering, hiking, and casual wear. I’ve worn my pair frequently for the past four months, and they show almost no signs of wear. I happily expect them to last many more years.

Vs. Other Climbing Pants

If you’re looking for a pair of outdoor pants that can also be worn in more formal settings, then the Columbia Royce Peak Pant is your best bet. However, if you’re looking for a higher-performing pair of pants for climbing, bouldering, hiking, yoga, or any outdoor activity, then we recommend the prAna Stretch Zion Pants.


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